Mary DeVincentis

Miracles of the Sea, 2023

oil on canvas

36h x 48w in
91.44h x 121.92w cm


Richard Neal

Atlantis, 2024

Oil and fabric over panel

48h x 60w in
121.92h x 152.40w cm


Peter Hutchinson

St. Bart's Project (Proposal for Book), 1995

Photo collage and drawing

12h x 14.75w in
30.48h x 37.47w cm


Peter Hutchinson

St. Bart's Project (small version), 1996

Photo Collage with Text

12h x 14.75w in
30.48h x 37.47w cm


Peter Hutchinson

Threaded Calabash, 1969

Photo Collage with Text

32h x 24.50w in
81.28h x 62.23w cm



Peter Schenck

Stay Sharp, 2022

Oil, oil stick on canvas

20h x 16w in
50.80h x 40.64w cm


Set and Setting

Tony Bluestone

Set and Setting, 2022

Oil on linen

28h x 63w in
71.12h x 160.02w cm


Little Deaths

Tony Bluestone

Little Deaths, 2022

Oil on linen

40h x 37.50w in
101.60h x 95.25w cm


And The Band Played On

Tony Bluestone, Katherine Bradford, Adam Brent, Mary DeVincentis, Dylan Hurwitz, Peter Hutchinson, Samuel Jablon, Peik Larsen, Richard Neal, Jim Peters, Daniel Ranalli, Jackie Reeves, Peter Schenck, Whiting Tennis, Tabitha Vevers and Bert Yarborough

May 25 – June 30, 2024

Readymade Gallery on Cape Cod, a satellite of Freight + Volume, NYC, is pleased to present And The Band Played On, a group show dedicated to art in times of turbulence and crisis. More and more often these days, it feels as if the world is a sinking ship and that we are listing in slow motion towards the iceberg of our collective demise. A perfect storm of international wars, global warming, and the divisive political reality in our country, creates an atmosphere of overwhelming helpless dread. The courage and perseverance of artists in times like this, brings to mind that indelible image from the film Titanic of the orchestra continuing to play while the boat crumbles and sinks; whistling in the dark. 

Making art in times of crisis is at once a method of coping and comfort, a way to find meaning in the meaningless, and create a vision of solution for a better world. The exhibition takes inspiration from the coastal environs of the gallery, evoking an image of the "ship of humanity" in a literal context. And The Band Played On includes works by Tony Bluestone, Katherine Bradford, Mary DeVincentis, Peter Hutchinson, Richard Neal, Daniel Ranalli, Jackie Reeves, Peter Schenck, and Tabitha Vevers, and others, and presents a diverse look at how each artist navigates the rough waters of our collective moment, using their practice as a guiding light through the storm.  

As the opening exhibition of Readymade’s 2024 summer season,  And The Band Played On presents the beginning of a multifaceted examination of our contemporary chaos and art’s place within it. This thread will be picked up again in the upcoming group show, Ship of Fools at Freight + Volume NYC, opening on June 21st.